Dear Mr. Stephen Moffat,

Please stop making such great shows. Not only are you making everyone else look bad, but you are taking away so much of my free time with repeat viewings. Being an American, I do have access to high quality programming, but even the best this country has to offer is little more than the drek between the toes of the lowliest most worthless character in any of your shows. Additionally, the wait between episodes (or series in the case of Doctor Who) is unbearable. As soon at the show is over, I find I am already excitedly anticipating the next. Luckily this problem can be solved during repeat viewings by way of DVD. BUT STILL!! You have turned me into a simpering fool. A mindless lap dog, awaiting his masters next appearance in his life. In closing I would like to announce my undying devotion to you, and my willingness to sacrifice my life (if it would please you.) Thank you for your time.