I may have missed logging the last couple of days. If you think the subject line of this is a typo, then you are probably not familiar with the Japanese series Kamen Rider. I spent most of my non-working hours catching up on the current series. This year happens to be both the 40th Anniversary and the 1000th episode. Which means little other than it’s been around for a long time. The basics of the show is monsters are attacking. A hero appears fight the monsters. To do so, he uses a belt to transform into a Rider, an armored warrior on a motorcycle. Beyond that, everything else changes from year to year: sometimes there is one rider, sometimes several, sometimes the monsters are outright evil, sometimes they are sympathetic… Airing with Kamen Rider is Super Sentai- which is known in America as Power Rangers. Which turns 35 this year. So, if you want to know where I’ve been, visit TV-Nihon. I may well post my thoughts and love for both series here at a later date.

The other thing that happened this weekend, which I have been very anxiously waiting for is Doctor Who’s series 6 premier. I was sadly born too late to watch the how the first time it aired, but was “lucky” enough to see the FOX produced TV movie in 1996. Sadly it wasn’t until 2005 before there would be another attempt to bring new life to the Doctor. But since they did, the BBC has had me hooked and needing more. Thanks a lot you magnificent, British bastards…

Anyway, due to my love of foreign television, I missed two days of blogging. If it ever happens again, you will at least know I’m not doing anything interesting or cool. If I were, I’d blog about it.