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I’m a liar.

I recorded my set last night. But I am not sharing it. I’m not saying it was bad… It just wasn’t good. Luckily I know what happened, and I have a week to work things out. What was cool, is there were several people who were willing to offer me some kind words and helpful advice. I also learned that I feel the need to over explain and apologize when I don’t have to. It’s fun learning how childhood has screwed me up all these years later. Luckily I’m aware of it and am not stuck doing that for the rest of my life. And maybe it’ll give me something to talk about next time I’m on stage.


SO, yesterday I slept for 12 hours. Then today for another 8. I don’t know why exactly, but I do know that as of right now I feel AWESOME! Which is good, because it’s open mic night again. With 20 hours of sleep under my belt, I expect to be able to stay awake until my set. That’s all I really have to say right now. Come back tomorrow for my posting (good or bad) of my stand up.

Is this thing on?

Last night was probably the worst experience possible with an open mic. By the time I took the stage (I was on last), all but the host and the two first-timers who went on just before were the only people there. It’s funny, but standing on stage with a microphone feels really wrong when the people you are talking to are three feet away, and able to hear you fine without it. As bad as the situation was, I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed, wanting to just walk out and not look back. Instead I sat there and waited to hear my name called to the stage. It felt good to actually get up on stage and do what I set out to do, even if no one else saw it.

I threw caution to the wind, and decided to start by calling back to both of the sets of the people who stuck around. Which they both laughed at, so at least I got A laugh. Then I did a short version of a bit I planned on doing and vamped for the last minute of my time. When I got the light, I felt like I was a real comedian. As I walked off stage all I wanted to do was call all my friends and tell them… Sadly it was so late, I suspected they were asleep. (I was then jealous of them for getting to be in bed at that moment.) On the drive home, I knew that I would have to go back again next week. I don’t know if this is the path for me or not, but I do know that I have to go back and do it again. Clearly I have that something inside me that is pushing me to at least try.

While I didn’t record my performance this time, I will dig out the FlipCam and buy a tripod, so that I can capture the whole thing next time. Until then, I’ve got a week of wage slavery and comedy writing ahead of me. Also he Series 6 premier of Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who.

Good News Everyone!!!

This blog has lied dormant for far too long. Tonight I will finally be going up for my first open mic. I will be telling people about me and hoping that they laugh. If they don’t, then I’ll have to fling myself off the tallest building in town. (Which in the town I live in is about three stories.) Seeing as today is 4/20, I have a feeling people will be in the mood to laugh. I brought a tape recorder from the college lecture days, so if things go well, I’ll be able to post a recording for the whole world to laugh either with or at. If they don’t… I’ll just head back to that building I mentioned earlier. Additionally, I am working at a crap job to make money to afford to drive across the country to work with Kevin Smith on his final movie. I’m sad that his career is ending, but I’ll be there to swoop in and fill the slot he is vacating. Time for me to stop waiting and grab life by the short and curlies. Finally, I’m planning to blog my adventure from struggling wage slave to struggling FORMER wage slave. SO, stick tuned to this space for all the glorious tales of debauchery.


After spending way too much time catching up on sleep and Syfy’s Eureka, I am back. I have been wanting to talk about my current job. I’m an overnight stocker, and it is rather tedious. I pull out of date sandwiches, stock the shelves, unload the new inventory into the cooler, and make sandwiches. All things considered, not too terrible. But it does mess up my ability to get things done. On my day off, I end up sleeping all day. If I manage to stay awake, then I can’t really do anything with anyone, because they are all at work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have a job, especially when so many people are struggling to find one. It’s just not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve usually got a couple resumes out somewhere, but none of them are garnering any calls. SO, I’ll keep working at my less than perfect job, and keep putting myself out there. (when I’m not sleeping)

Due to my overnight shift work schedule, I was only able to spend a few hours at Quakecon this year. Luckily it was Friday, because I was able to see the two panels I was most excited for: Building Blockbusters and The Rage Presentation (where they showed the game running on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 side-by-side), and to go hands-on with Brink and Fallout: New Vegas. While there was much more going on that I would have loved to do, I am very excited with what I saw. The only gripe I have is the length of time I have to wait to really delve into the games I am now in love with.

Both of the games I got to play were limited and timed demos, so I got just enough time with them to get hooked. Fallout: New Vegas plays just like you’d expect if you played Fallout 3. The big change is the visual style. Much like you would expect, because Las Vegas is a very different place from Washington DC.  The minor yet appreciated changes were the ability to target weapons (which I don’t remember being able to do in  Fallout 3) and the more noticeable effect of reputation. While playing, I pick pocket a homeless guy who was just ranting craziness. When he detected me, it was clear I was not welcome by the residents.  New Vegas is clearly going to be more that an expansion pack or a thing to tide you over until Fallout 4. I was less hyped for Brink, but after playing (and losing) a quick 4v4 match I think it may be my favorite multiplayer FPS experience. It’s a class and objective based game, but what made it fun for me was the ability to swap classes on the fly. This allowed me to experiment and find the class which suited my play style and the situation best. If it weren’t for the long line of folks waiting to play, I definitely would have jumped back in line to play again.

The main reason for my trip to Quakecon was the Building Blockbusters panel. The guests for this were Todd Howard (Bethesda Game Studios), Tim Willits (id Software),  Vince Zampella (Respawn Entertainment), Jason West (Respawn Entertainment), and hosted by G4 TV’s Adam Sessler. It was an experience  to listen to these guys, who are responsible for many of the biggest selling and most popular games, talk about getting into the industry, their process for creating games, experiences with game reviewers, and having to wait to reveal things to the public. I could go an and on about this, but G4 TV has posted the audio. So I’ll link to their page and you can listen to it is you want. I was the first audience member to ask a question. (It feels so weird hearing my voice projected.) Afterward they all stuck around, and I got to meet and talk with these guys further.

As much fun as I had and as much as I saw, the highlight of the day was getting to meet Adam Sessler. It was about 5 minutes of the day, but he is one of those people who I really respect.  If you want to know more about who he is, I highly recommend people check out his non-televised projects Feedback and Sessler’s Soapbox, both of which are on He was busy and rushing off when I met him, but was gracious enough to stop, talk,  and take a picture with me

There are times when my work schedule makes it hard to do a lot of things, but Quakecon fell perfectly between shifts, and allowed for me to really do some fun and exciting things without sacrificing anything to do so. Except a few hours of sleep, which I have plenty of already.

This is the obligatory first blog posting announcing that I am writing a blog. It serves little purpose seeing as you are reading it, you are aware that I am writing a blog. I could use this space to explain what type of things I’ll be doing with this blog, but I’m not totally sure at this point. I do know that I will try to review some movies and games. I’ll most likely share my thoughts on the issue of the moment. Also, I am likely to share the cool and major events of my life. (Like my Quakecon experience which will be my next entry.) I welcome your comments, thoughts, and opinions. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put this out where it could be seen. That is about all the setup this really needs. On with the show.