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I was recently turned onto the Video Game Voter’s Network. They are an excellent resource for finding out what to do, as a gamer, to make your voice heard by the people making laws like the one before the US Supreme Court. The site is quite easy to navigate, and even has a link to help you register to vote. SO until the election I will end each post with one of their banner ads. If you are not already registered, the follow the link then hit the polls this November and help us make a difference.


Last Gen Gaming

Recently, I decided to go into my gaming back catalog. I pulled out Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee. (This is the third  game released in the Oddworld series, and the second part of the Oddworld Quintology.) I was surprised how well it held up. I’ve played old games before, and a good number of them really start to show their age- even after only a couple of years. Munch’s Oddysee is still as horribly addictive as it was the first time I played it. I kept saying I’d put it down right after I finish this level. If it weren’t for needing to stop to eat, I may not have stopped until I’d finished the whole game. It’s a shame there were only four Oddworld games made, because they are all immensely fun. It’s rare to find a game that has a story which is both fun and quirky while also being deep and engaging. All of these are the hallmarks of a every Oddworld game. Luckily they are about to re-released on Steam in the Oddbox, and there is a (FINALLY) new game in the works. Now, If you’ll excuse me… I have some more Oddworld to play.