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Sorry for the delay in posting, but it has been quite a week. (Mostly with work and running errands.) The Preshow Nerdmeet in Dallas will be held at Blue Goose (2905 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75206). Which is just up the street from the Granada Theater. Be there at 5:30 to meet your local nerds before the awesomeness that is CHris Hardwick and Chaotic Good.

PS I still have a free ticket. Tweet @KeenanLonell if you are interested. (or if you have any Chaotic Good questions)


Saturday, June 11 Chris Hardwick will be bringing his Chaotic Good comedy show to the Granada Theatre. Info on the show is located here. There are still tickets available, but if you are interested in meeting people you could go for free. Through an uninteresting, yet beneficial, series of events I have an extra ticket. If you are want the ticket and are want to hang out with Dallas’ local nerds, send a tweet to @KeenanLonell with the hash tag #DallasBFF. I’ll pick the winner on Friday, June 10. To improve your chances, put something fun or interesting in the tweet (a cool pic or video). The only condition to winning is you must be available in Dallas for a tweet up prior to the show.

Tomorrow I’ll announce the when and where that the tweet-up will be. Watch for that and tweet for the ticket.
Chaotic Good Poster

After seeing Chris Hardwick at the Addison Improv, I made a fairly odd decision. I decided that I’;m going to try my hand at stand-up comedy. I’ve been told by co-workers that I should try going to an open mic night, but never really took that as anything real. After all, what do they know about comedy or performing? But with the Nerdist Podcast constantly telling me to “go out there and do it”, I started thinking maybe they were right. It all congealed after Chris’s show when I was talking to one of the guys who went on before him, John Tole. We talked a bit and he told me that there are several good places in town to try it out.

I was trying to convince myself to go tonight, but I have nothing more than a couple premises, and was quickly talking myself out of doing it. Then life gave me an out. AND a day just far enough away to expand the premises into jokes, while not being so far as to allow me to change my mind about it completely. SO, two weeks from tonight, I’ll be stepping on stage for the first time.

While putting together my act, I thought it’d be interesting to blog/ podcast my experience. Hopefully it’ll help by giving me both perspective on the whole thing and an outlet to share my journey with the world. Every not and then I may need a little encouragement and support, but I will also need honest criticism to figure out what is and isn’t working. I’d like to thank everyone in advance for all the love and support I know they will bring. I promise to not forget about you until after I am rich beyond all understanding.